Lovo Wheels Advocate Conditions

Congratulations, if you're reading this you met the requirements to be a Lovo Wheels Advocate. Although you didn't meet the requirements for a sponsor, being a Lovo Wheels Advocate has great benefits and we created the program for those looking to represent the company and get great deals on our wheels/clothing. Checkout the benefits below and email us back if you'd be interested while spots still remain open. Thanks


1. You get a Lovo Team Shirt to wear while you ride for $18 (£13)(€15). Plus we add Lovo Team grip tape and 5 Lovo Stickers in for free.

2. $10 Wheel Club. You will receive a code with your Team Pack that gets you any wheel on our website for  $10 each (unlimited uses). 

3. You get 45% off our clothing (unlimited uses)

4. You can be featured on our Instagram page @lovowheels (104,000 followers) if you send in pictures or clips that include our products. 

Email us back if you'd be interested in this deal and we will send you instructions to begin